Make Time For Happy

One of the things that inspired me to start a photography business and pursue this line of work beyond the fact that I've been shooting since I was a small child, is that it is something that brings me joy, I think we all need a little more joy in our lives. So many people I know, including myself, are stuck doing jobs they don't care for that keep them away from their families and things that matter to them. I finally realized that I need to do what brings me joy in life. I'll never be as well off financially doing this as my last job but I'll be a lot happier and that is more important to me.

With that said, I've been making time to spend with my family, the people that make me happy. I've been a lot more relaxed and a lot happier by making this decision. Don't fall into the money trap, do what makes you happy. As a photographer I cannot help but document these moments. I hope that if you choose happy, you choose to let me document your happy times with your family. 



I am starting with a bit of a "soft open" with Wide Open Photography. I have been telling some folks about my plans and sort of trying to spread the word through referrals and so far a few people have asked me why I want to shoot elopements. It had never occurred to me that this would ever be a question but I suppose to some it doesn't make sense. 

My partner and I are very non-traditional with how we approach most things. From child rearing to garbage, we look at things differently than most folks we know. We met while camping on the North Shore with some mutual friends, we have returned in October every year since then. When we first started planning our wedding, the North Shore was a top contender. After much thought we realized it was not going to work out logistically for her parents and siblings who were already going to travel a great distance just to get to Minneapolis. So we opted for something a little closer to home. 

As our wedding day has been approaching, I have been thinking of the North Shore more and more. I asked her the other day if she wanted to elope up on the North Shore. Maybe my interest capturing elopements was subliminal but mostly I feel like I get it. When you desire to be with someone and don't want to wait a year and half or two to be married to them. That is the kind of love I have for my partner that that is the type of love I am interested in documenting. 

So for all of you who have been wondering. There you go. If you are thinking of eloping with your partner, contact me right away and let's get a consultation set up!

We all have to start somewhere...

This is my first blog post. Just like everything else, it has to start somewhere. The reason this if my first post is because I've only now after 35 years have decided to follow my dreams of being a photographer. I've had a camera in my hand since a very young age, I have not always put in the time but I have never left photography behind for very long. 

I am not totally sure where this journey will take me but I am 100% committed to finding out. I hope you and I can make the journey together. My goal is to help you see the value in photography like I do. My heart is wide open, so here we go!